‘I suffered severe leg pain despite the medication and antidepressants I was taking. Walking in my shoes was torture and I couldn’t sleep at night because of excruciating pain in my legs. I am a diabetic and had been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy, referred to a neurologist and diabetes specialist who told me my condition was irreversible.

I heard about the integrative medical therapies at Healing and Wellness Institute and decided to try it. After three weeks of intravenous nutrients, chelation therapy and oral supplements I could walk without pain, I could dance, I could sleep and I could do the things I could not do for months.

I thank God for leading me to Healing and Wellness Institute. I am completely off pain medication and antidepressants, my blood sugar is better controlled with less medication and still improving.’


‘Since being diagnosed with diabetes, extreme tiredness has been my life. I couldn’t do half the things I did before. Keeping up with home and business demands was impossible. My performance was impaired all round including sexually. My blood sugar was difficult to control and my quality of life was deteriorating despite insulin being added to my treatment.

I called Healing and Wellness Institute and made an appointment. The quality of care by the doctor and nurse team and the Healing and Wellness staff was amazing. I received treatments that included intravenous nutrient infusions, supplements and a diet that overhauled my health and my life. I now wake up with energy and go through my day with energy and vigour. My blood sugar is back to normal, I kicked the insulin and my life has been restored.’


It’s now been a year with no migraine attack! Thank you Dr Tumi and team.


I was taking headache pills daily, often twice or thrice in a day. I had one drip and no headaches for three months after that. I was supposed to have returned for weekly drips but did not. I am now back to complete the full course of iv therapy (the doctor had prescribed 3 more drips every week) because I have seen that are highly therapeutic.


‘The place is clean, the atmosphere relaxing, the doctor and staff are amazing and I got my life back, thank you Healing and Wellness Institute.’


‘When we took our mother to Healing and Wellness Institute, she could barely walk. Diagnosed with throat cancer, she had done chemo and radiation and was cleared. After a few months the cancer was resurfaced. She went through another round of chemotherapy that was stopped as the cancer was resistant to chemotherapy. We were told that there wasn’t anything more that could be done for her. Her health deteriorated daily and all she did was sleep day and night. She had no appetite; she was wasting away fast and was in pain all the time.

We heard about Healing and Wellness Institute and decided to take her there. After receiving high-dose vitamin c and other nutrients intravenously for a week she could walk unassisted. She is in less pain, her appetite is improved and she really looks forward to her treatments.’