Breast Health

Our breast health clinic is dedicated to empowering women with information and tools to prevent and defeat breast cancer. Our vision is the reduction of the ever increasing cancer burden in South Africa.

Our mission:

  • Making use of Infrared thermal imaging technology to help women screen and assess their breast health and breast cancer risk.
  • To help those at high risk reduce their risk and prevent breast cancer
  • To make the earliest detection possible for more women
  • To provide support and integrative cancer care for those undergoing treatment and those living with breast cancer to improve their health, quality of life and longevity

Breast Cancer Risk Reduction and Prevention

Most women believe that genetic inheritance and family history are the most important factors in developing breast cancer. But the truth is 85% of women diagnosed with breast cancer DO NOT have family history.

Right now, breast cancer statistics are grim, showing more women being diagnosed with breast cancer than ever before. More money is poured into researching new drugs and treating the increasing numbers of cancer patients and very little attention is given to prevention. Early detection and treatment is good but cancer prevention is paramount. It is key to stopping the suffering and the agony. Prevention is key to winning the cancer battle and preventing breast cancer is what every woman really desires.

Scientific research has revealed lifestyle strategies that provide powerful protection against cancer. Identified anti-cancer strategies includes anti-cancer diet, exercise, stress reduction, restful sleep and targeted nutritional supplementation and herbs that can all be used to lower breast cancer risk and raise the odds of defeating cancer.

Breast cancer is preventable

Do not wait and see if it happens to you

Take charge- Assess and lower your breast cancer risk