Healing and Wellness Integrative Institute is a haven of healing, restoration and rejuvenation that incorporates a wellness centre and a spa.

Our Goals

Put you on a journey to your optimal best health.
Empower you through education and tools for self-discovery and self-mastery.
Help you be your best and live your best.

We show you how to:

  1. Take charge of your health
  2. Turn around years of toxicity
  3. Remove obstacles to health
  4. Replenish nutrients
  5. Restore Health

You will be:

  1. Inspired to make life changes in areas you never thought possible
  2. Empowered with knowledge and tools that will set you on a different path to vibrant well being

Integrative Approach

At Healing and Wellness Institute we base our therapies on nutrition and lifestyle changes. We blend and integrate these with conventional medicine and safe, evidence-based natural therapies to heal underlying disease and achieve vibrant health for our clients. We embrace conventional medicine and pharmaceutical interventions, and recognise their ability to save lives. Nevertheless we recognise their limitations especially with chronic ailments. We believe that for true and lasting wellbeing the concepts of, health promotion, prevention of illness, including nutritional therapies and lifestyle modification are essential and should be should be practiced alongside the concept of illness and cure.